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Work related injuries are very common injuries in any work place.  Such injuries can be varies from minor to severe. It is important to start appropriate physical therapy treatment for any kind of work related injuries for workers to get faster recovery so they can return to work in shorter period of time  and they do not have to face any job issues .Work conditioning for work injuries and ergonomic assessments are often used for prevention of work injuries. Physical therapy is one of the most popular treatment methods for people who have sustained work-related injuries

  • slip-and-fall accidents
  • Over Exertion injuries due to work related pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying and throwing activities at work.
    • Muscle and ligament sprain and strain
    • Tendon rupture
    • Hip and shoulder labrum tear
  • Repetitive Motion injuries due to use of computer for long work hours
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • back injuries
    • neck and shoulder pain
    • hand, wrist, and elbow pain
    • Tendontis
  • Automobile accident injuries
  • Hand injuries – Crush injuries
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